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My name is James Oconnell, a designer and illustrator based in Manchester, UK. I’m giving away a poster to a lucky follower every day in December until Christmas.

Take a look at the rules below to see how you can enter (It’s easy peasy)

Like every competition, there are rules. But hold on - I’ve made it super easy for you to enter. All you need to do is follow me on Twitter, don’t worry if you’re already a follower - you’ll automatically be
‘in it to win it’ as they say.

Those of you who aren’t already following me (tut, tut) press the follow button now and get entered into my daily draw...

December 1st
Emma Reynolds
December 2nd
Nick Clement
December 3rd
Nick Hallam
December 4th
Claire Pinegar
December 5th
Hey Studio
December 6th
Johanna Drewe
December 7th
ADC Young Guns
December 8th
Jack Daly
December 9th
Denise Kutzer
December 10th
Creative Review
December 11th
Oliver Sin
December 12th
Hülya Corty
December 13th
Simon Bradley
December 14th
Jamie Wieck
December 15th
The Church of London
December 16th
Jay Gray
December 17th
December 18th
Emily Woudenberg
December 19th
Central Illustration
December 20th
Matt Adams
December 21st
Maya Davies
December 22nd
Rebecca Iris
December 23rd
Duane King
December 24th
Matt Howarth
December 25th
Julia Sagar
Runner up 1
Max Burnside
Runner up 2
Rob Cope
Runner up 3
Mystery Box
Runner up 4
Nicky Unsworth
Runner up 5
Neil Bennett

I'll be notiyfing the winners on Twitter via a Direct Message

That’s right folks, as well as the above competition you can get your hands on my free wallpaper and give your screen a colourful work-over.
Available for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Download free wallpapers

Free wallpapers over on the Creative Bloq network by James Oconnell.