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I’m James Oconnell. I’m an Illustrator, Designer and Creative Director based in Manchester. Every day in December before Christmas, I’m giving away a free poster to a lucky follower.

Take a look at the rules below to see how you can enter (It’s easy peasy)

The first rule of poster club is…
just follow me on Twitter! Simple as that.
If you’re already following, you’re already in it to win it. I’ll enter you automatically.

Those of you who aren’t already following me (tut, tut) press the follow button below and get entered into my daily draw...

December 1st
Victoria Howlett
December 2nd
Hiten Bhatt
December 3rd
Kurppa Hosk
December 4th
Pete Martin
December 5th
Daniel Kobin
December 6th
Michelle Ouellette
December 7th
Matt Geeling
December 8th
Samantha Jones
December 9th
Rob Edwards
December 10th
Terri Stone
December 11th
Rich Attwater
December 12th
John Maeda
December 13th
Aymi Duignan
December 14th
Lizzie Astles
December 15th
Stuart Field
December 16th
Ros Horner
December 17th
Ery Burns
December 18th
John Suder
December 19th
Peter Wright
December 20th
Abi McSherry
December 21st
Lottie Burnley
December 22nd
Warwick Bell
December 23rd
Rob Magowan
December 24th
Sam Falconer
December 25th

Winners will be notified on Twitter via a Direct Message

And that’s not all, Folks! As well as the poster giveaway, click below and you’ll get your digital hands on my desktop wallpaper, perfect for giving your homescreen a makeover.
Available for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Download free wallpapers

Free wallpapers by James Oconnell.